The Quantum NRG Bio Imprinter can be described as a receiver /transmitter of frequencies. The Quantum NRG is able to imprint PERSONAL ENERGY CARDS that emit homeopathic energetic frequencies to the person who is carrying it. The aerial system of the Quantum NRG will pick up frequencies emitted by the EPFX/SCIO energy plate, making it the perfect complement to any client session. Should you wish to enhance your session with your client once they leave your office, you can give your client one of the Personal Energy Cards loaded with the homeopathic energy or energies of your choosing. As they carry this card with them throughout the day, they will benefit from these
energies long after the session they had in person with you. Isn't that wonderful?

About The Quantum NRG

The Quantum NRG device is designed to amplify up to 10,000 times any subtle or gross energy fields and transfer these to a human or animal subject.

The unit has TWO plates on top - the Left hand side plate is the "IN" plate where any specimen can be placed.

The Right hand side plate is the "OUT" plate where either a bottle of water or water/alcohol mix can be placed and a "Homeopathic Remedy" can be potentised directly from the sample on the "IN" plate.

The Quantum NRG has controls on the front panel which enables the operator to vary or choose the potency to be selected and imprinted.

An advantageous feature of the Quantum NRG enables two handles and their leads to be plugged into the front of the device (see picture). A person can then hold the two handles (one in each hand) and be directly "imprinted" with positive energy and vibrations balancing the client from the directed wellness plan placed on the "IN" plate.

The Quantum NRG has TWELVE preset codes on the front panel which are psychological states. These can be activated singularly or in multiples. These 12 frequencies may be imprinted on to a Personal Energy Card for client to take away with them or direct transferes of frequencies to the hand held's.

12 Vibrational Presets

Love - love expander - self & others
Productivity - increase productivity
Detox - stimulate & support body
Relaxation - and stress release
Vitality - and energy
Harmony - harmonious environment
Healing - immune system boost
Prosperity - consciousness
Allergy - relief from allergies
Protection - From negativity
Joy - mood elevation
Concentration - improve concentration
Additional Energy Frequencies

Additional Frequencies may be added to use with the Quantum NRG device by purchasing additional Quantum MASTER FREQUENCY CARDS which are cards that have been Pre-imprinted with master frequencies by the manufacture.

The EPFX/SCIO & Quantam NRG Bio imprinter

The Quantum NRG also has an ariel system which is able to be used with external devices such as the EPFX/SCIO. The arial is placed on the output plate of the EPFX/SCIO, therefore transfering all frequencies and therapys that are taking place to the Quantum NRG device, which has the ability to transfer these frequencies on to a personal energy card which will continualy emit energies to the client when they leave giving them continual therapy.

Purchasing The Quantum NRG
The Quantum NRG comes with the following:

The Quantum NRG Device
12x Preset Frequencies
2x Hand helds & cables
40x Personal Energy Cards
1x Arial (To transmit from EPFX/SCIO)
1x Reference Manual
1x Training DVD

The Personal Energy Card

These cards have been specificaly designed in order to be imprinted by The Quantum NRG device. They cards are preformated by the manufaturer using a special patented method which allows The Quantum NRG Device imprint its frequnecies on to the Personal Energy Cards. The Personal Energy Cards look much like your everyday credit card - with a magnetic strip on the back. Unlike a credit card which emits negative energy the Energy Card emit "Good Energy". The Personal Energy Cards are unique to the Quantum NRG Bio-Imprinter. Personal Energy Cards can be individually programmed to suit your personal health issue and needs. The Quantum NRG Bio-Imprinter has twelve
12 Good Vibration pre-sets built into the matrix of the instrument. These were found to be the most common
requested by clients.

How does the Personal Energy Card Work?

As the body is charged both positive and negative and polarized north and south, it responds in similar ways to a magnet. The very latest research now using computer electromagnetic field density compilation has revealed a very interesting phenomenon. Contrary to the accepted magnetic lines of force "flowing" north to south, there exists multiple concentric counter-rotating vortices in the magnetic structure. These also are small north/south magnets. As field
effects influence cell systems, this now begins to answer why there are strengths and weaknesses found in varying places in the body. It would not be at all surprising to find in further research that the placement of organs and body structures is not haphazard but may correspond to where these vortices exhibit their effects using a "charge code system' as the DNA to complete the structure.

This research shows the unusual effects with magnets being of the same modality used by the cards.

This effect is found on the card that has a magnetic strip which contains a limitless amount of magnetic particles which can be charged or embedded with any particular combination of what you want to create a therapeutic effect. The EPFX/SCIO analyzes or potentialises what you want to achieve with the individual. You are able to work out how you then apply the therapy.

Carrying the PERSONAL ENERGY CARD does not give the person a physical substance - you are giving them
the energy CHARGE EFFECT. It has been found that within Biological systems the first stage before any chemical effect occurs is a neurological action. Preceding these but acting upon them are the more subtle mind states. The
subtle field effect is created first which gives excellent credence relating to how we actually work from the thought, through the brain to the body.

People who are unwell are looking for the return of good health. The excellent results and ease of use obtained by people using the cards ensures that they come back. The idea of the card was to try to maintain the transfer of healing energy to the person all the time. Imprinting the cards takes only seconds; they can be reprinted, changed, wiped and recharged. And of course you can have the persons whole therapy session imprinted onto the card for them to take away with them.